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AutoCAD Mechanical Drawing English Vocabulary (1)

2D Solid solid surface two dimensional 2D
2D Wireframe two-dimensional wire-frame
3D Array array of three-dimensional array of 3D
3D Dynamic View 3D dynamic view three-dimensional dynamic observation
Three-dimensional objects, 3D objects 3d objects
3D Orbit 3D dynamic three-dimensional orbit
3D Orbit 3D dynamic three-dimensional dynamic observation
3D Studio 3D Studio 3D Studio
3D Viewpoint 3D Perspective 3D view point
3dpoly 3D three-dimensional polymer line polyline
3dsin 3DS import to import 3D solid
3DSolid 3D solid three-dimensional solid
3dsout 3DS export 3D solid export
abort give up interrupt
abort interrupt interrupt
absolute coordinates absolute coordinates absolute coordinates
abut adjacent neighboring
accelerator key accelerator shortcuts
access access access
acisin ACIS ACIS import input
acisout ACIS ACIS export output
action action action
active activities (the) role of
adaptive sampling adaptive sampling optimal sample
add add adding
Add a Printer Add Printer, Add Printer
Add mode to add mode
Add Plot Style Table print style sheet to add
Add Plot Style Table print style sheet to add
Add Plotter Add Printer
Add Plotter Add Printer
Add to Favorites Add to Favorites Add to Favorites
ADI ADI (Autodesk Device Interface) ADI (Autodesk Device Interface)
adjacent adjacent adjacent
Adjust Adjusting
Adjust Area fill adjustment to adjust the region to fill the regional filling
AdLM (Autodesk License Manager) AdLM (Autodesk License Manager)
Management Management Administration dialog box dialog box dialog box
Advanced Setup Wizard Setup Wizard Advanced Settings Wizard Advanced
Aerial View Aerial View Aerial view of scene
affine calibration relationship between affine calibration correction
alert warning alerts
alias alias alias
aliasing aliasing aliasing of
align aligned aligned
aligned dimension alignment mark aligned type annotation
alignment alignment (way) alignment
allocate allocation allocation
Altitude high elevation
ambient color environmental color environmental color
ambient light ambient light ambient light
angular dimension point of view mark mark
angular unit angle unit angle unit
annotation annotation annotation
Blocks anonymous anonymous anonymous block block
anti-aliasing anti-aliasing anti-aliasing
aperture point target box lock box
exterior appearance of the intersection of the intersection of apparent intersections
append additional additional
Application key authorization code for application number
appload load applications loading applications
Apply application / application to apply
approximation points near point near point
arc arc arc
Architectual Ticks building construction slash mark
area area area area area
Argument parameter argument
Arrange Icons Arrange Icons Arrange icons
array array array
arrowhead arrow arrows
ASCII ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) ASCII
aseadmin ASE ASE Management Management
aseexport ASE output ASE Export
aselinks ASE ASE link link
aserows ASE ASE column row
aseselect ASE ASE select options
asesqled SQL Editor ASE SQL Editor
Aspect vertical and horizontal spacing to the spacing of longitudinal and transverse
aspect ratio aspect ratio aspect ratio
assign designated designated
Assist Assistant Auxiliary
associative dimension annotation associated with marked correlation
associative hatches associated with filling section line relational
attach v. adhesion adhesion
attdef attributes defined custom properties
attdisp Properties Display Properties Display
attedit Properties Edit Properties Edit
attenuation attenuation attenuation
attenuation of light light light attenuation attenuation
attext attribute extraction attribute extraction
attredef attribute redefinition Attribute redefined
attribute definition attribute defines the attribute definitions
Attribute Display Properties Display Properties Display
attribute extraction file attribute file extract file properties extraction
attribute extraction template file attribute extraction template file attribute extraction template file
attribute attribute attribute prompt prompt prompt
attribute tag attribute attribute tags
attribute value Attribute value attribute value
audit verification check
authorization code authorization code authorization code
AutoCAD library search path AutoCAD AutoCAD library search path resource library search path
autocommit autocommit automatically determines
AutoTrack auto tracking auto tracking
three-axis tripod shaft axis frame
azimuth azimuth azimuth
Back Clipping On cut open after
back view back view after the scene
background color background color background color
backup backup backup
Backward about reverse reverse
bad is not correct incorrect
base base base, bottom, bottom
base dimension marked baseline benchmark type annotation
base grips base valve pinch point benchmark
base point basis point basis point
baseline baseline baseline baseline-type
baseline baseline baseline dimension style label label
Basic color basic color Basic color
Batch Print Batch batch plotting out the map
beam angles of spotlights spotlight beam angle point angle of light rays
Beep on Error error alarm beeps when an error
bevel chamfer miter
bevel chamfer miter
miter angle beveling objects objects objects
Bezier curve Bezier curve Bezier curve
Big Font Large font large font
bind bind into
bitmap bitmap bitmap
Synthesis of hybrid blend
blipmode point marker pattern mode point in mind
block block tiles
block definition block defines the definition of tiles
Blocks block reference reference reference block
block table block table tiles form
bmpout BMP output BMP Export
body of the main body
Boolean Boolean Boolean operation
borders border frame
bottom view looking up under the scene graph
boundary boundary boundary
boundary sets the boundary set boundaries set
bounding edge (frame) boundary box
break (v.) break off
Bring Above Object object placed on an object placed on top of
Bring to Top Overhead put to the top
brower browser browser
built-in Built-in Built-in
bulge crown crown
bump map bump mapping tactile maps
button menu button menu button menu
byte bytes bytes
cabling cabling wiring
cal calculator correction
calibrate the calibration correction
call call call
callback callback (for LISP) Reply
callback Callback Reply
camera camera camera
camera angle camera angle camera angle
Cancel Cancel Cancel
cap sealing sealing
cascade cascade (a) overlapping arrangement
case (size) was the case
cast cast cast
catalog catalog catalog
cell cell cell
Center center of the circle center
center mark center of a circle marking the center mark
centerline centerline centerline
centroid centroid centroid centroid
chamfer chamfer chamfer
change changes change
character character character
Check Check Check
Check Box check box, and check the box
Check Spelling Spelling Spelling
child dimension style mark the lower sub-type tagging style
chord chord chord
changes modify the characteristics of the nature of chprop
circle Yuan Yuan
circular external reference cycle of the external light cycle of the external reference
Circumference circumference Circumference
class class class, category
clause clause clause
Clean clear the clean-up
Clean clear the clean-up
clear clear clear
client client client
clip cut interception
Clipboard Clipboard Clipboard
clipping boundaries border cut border interception
clipping planes cut plane intercept plane
Close Close Close (for file), closed (for the border, line, region)
Cluster cluster group
code pages code page code page
color color color
color depth Color depth Color depth
color map color map Color mapping
Color Wheel Color Wheel Color Wheel
color-dependent color-related
Color-Dependent Plot Style Table print style sheet color-related
dangle suspension is not fixed
Dark Dark Dark Color
dash dotted line dotted line
data integrity data integrity data integrity
database database database
datum reference datum
datum axis reference axis reference axis
mark reference mark reference datum dimension
datum identifier identifies benchmark reference identifier
datum reference frames reference frame reference frame of reference for baseline
datum reference letters reference letters benchmark reference text reference
dbConnect database link to connect to database
dbConnect Manager Database Connection Manager
dblist list of databases listed in the database
DBMS drivers DBMS-driven database management system (DBMS)
ddattdef Properties dialog box define the definition of the dynamic properties
ddatte Properties Dynamic Properties dialog box Edit Edit
ddattext Dynamic Properties dialog box attribute extraction extraction
ddcolor Color dialog box to set dynamic color
ddedit text editor, edit the text and attribute definition of the dialog box
ddgrips pinch dynamic switch point setting dialog box
ddim mark set mark Settings dialog box
ddinsert insert tiles into the dialog box
ddmodify pixel editing dialog box dynamically changes
ddptype point type dialog box, point type
ddrename Rename dialog box dynamically renamed
Drawing Settings dialog box drawing mode ddrmodes
ddselect Object Selection dialog box to set the dynamic selection
dducs UCS dialog box to set the dynamic UCS
dducsp UCS UCS default direction of the dynamic dialog box
ddunits unit dialog box to set the dynamic units
ddview view dynamic visual dialog
ddvpoint dynamic view point viewpoint dialog box
deactivate the release of suspended
dealer dealer dealer
decal effect effects of pruning effect of removing impurities
decimal dimensions decimal decimal mark mark
decurve of non-linear curve of
default default default default
default default default drawing surface graphics
default default default drawing surface graphics
definition point the definition of points defined point
Degenerate Degenerate Degenerate
delay delay delay
delete delete delete
DELta incremental difference
request, demand loading loading loading on demand
dependent symbols rely on symbols
deployment to start deploying
Depth Map depth map depth map
derive Export Export
Description description description
Design Center Design Center Design Center
detach detached separation
Detection Detection Detection
deviation deviation deviation limit
deviation tolerance limit of tolerance deviation tolerances
device device device
device device device
Device and Default Selection of equipment and the default choice of equipment and select the default value
Dia diameter diameter
diameter diameter (marked) in diameter
dictionary dictionary dictionary
diffuse diffuse diffuse color color color
digitizer tablet digitizer
digitizing puck digitizer cursor pointing device digital
digitizing puck digitizer cursor pointing device digital
dim Labeling
dimaligned alignment mark aligned type annotation
point of view dimangular mark mark
dimbaseline baseline baseline-style label label
dimcenter center of a circle marked the center mark
dimcontinue continuous continuous mark mark
dimdiameter diameter diameter mark mark
dimedit annotation editing annotation editor
dimension Labeling
dimension definition points marked points define the definition of Labeling
dimension format Marks Marks
dimension geometry geometric elements marked
dimension line arc dimension line arc arc marked line
Properties marked characteristic mark dimension properties
dimension scale marked proportion of the proportion of marked
dimension style type of marked style tagging
dimension style families marked family style family annotation type
dimension style name style name annotation type name of the label
dimension style overrides annotation style alternative to replace the annotation type
dimension text label text label text
dimension units units units on label
label variable label variable dimension variables
dimlinear linear linear mark mark
dimordinate coordinate label coordinates type annotation
dimoverride mark mark replaced by alternative
dimradius radius radius mark mark
dimstyle label type label style
dimtedit mark mark text editor text editor
Direct Direct Direct Hatch fill profile
Direction Control Direction Control Direction Control
Directory Directory Directory
Disable Disable canceled, suspended
discard abandon abandon
Discontinued stop using the canceled, suspended
Under the hemispherical dish dish
disk space disk space disk space
displacement point displacement of the displacement point
display display display display, display
Display Order Display Order Display Order
dist distance distance
parallel light far distant light source
distributed distributing distribution
dithering dithering dithering
diverge scattered scattered
Divide decile decile
divide decile decile
Division decile partition, division
dock (undock) fixed (floating) fixed
document Documents
hemispherical dome on dome
Ring ring donut
Draft sketch sketch
Standard Drawing Standard Drawing drafting standards
drafting techniques drawing technical drawing skills
drag and drop drop drop
draw draw / drawing (if the latter does not take object) drawing
drawing graphics drawing, Drawing
Drawing Aids Drawing Drawing auxiliary aids
drawing area drawing area the plot area
graphic drawing boundaries boundary boundary surface
drawing browser graphical browser, the browser surface
graphic graphic drawing database database database
environmental graphics environmental graphics drawing environment
drawing extents the actual surface area range graphics
drawing file graphics file image file
drawing limits the scope of graphic drawing boundaries
graphic order of the drawing order of drawing order
Project Graphics Project Graphics drawing project
the proportion of surface graphics drawing scale ratio
drawing standard graphics standard surface standards
drawing status graphics state surface state
drawing drawing drawing time time time
drawing units graphics unit surface unit
driver driver driver
Dropdown List drop-down list drop-down lists
dsviewer aerial view aerial view of scene
dtext dynamic text dynamic text
dump dump dump out
duplicate duplicate duplicate
duplicating copy copy
Dynamic observation of the dynamic view dview
dxbin DXB DXB imported input
dxfin DXF import DXF Import
dxfout DXF output DXF Export
Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic
Dynamic Dragging dynamic dynamic drag drag
Dynamic Update Dynamic Update Dynamic Update
dynamic viewing dynamic observation of the dynamic view
Dynamic scaling dynamic scaling dynamic zooming
edge edge edge
Edge Surface Edge Surface Boundary Surface
edgesurf boundary surface edge surface
editor editor editor
Teaching Science Education EDUCATION VERSION
effect effect effect
Element Element Element
elev elevation elevation
elevation elevation elevation
ellipse ellipse ellipse
embed embedded embedded embedded
Encapsulated Package See also "EPS" compression
endpoint end end end
end angle end endpoint point point
end tangent to the end of the cut point cut ends
end end width width width of the endpoint
Ending termination endpoint
English units Imperial units Imperial
ENTER ENTER (input) input
entity graphic elements. primitive
data entry entry entry
environment environment environment
environment variable environment variable environment variable
equation equation equation
delete delete erase
existing existing existing
Exit out of the end
Export export export
expression expression expression
extend extended extension
extend extend beyond the content (for annotations) extension of
Dimension line extension line extension line
Extent (s) the scope of the actual range
external data External data External data
external database external database external database
External Reference external reference External reference
Extract Selection extraction
extrude extrusion stretch
face face face
generated mosaic face facet facet
factor factor (see Scale Factor) coefficient
degree gradient fade fade
falloff angle angle was the angle recession
Fast Zoom mode Quick Zoom Quick Zoom mode mode
fatal fatal error fatal error
Favorites Favorites Favorites
Favorites Favorites Favorites
feature function / (geometric) feature feature
fence bar election (See also Selection fence) Lei election
field field field
file file file
fill fill fill real
Filled Text text fill text fill real (solid lines for filling, entity or real face)
Filmroll Filmroll film
filter filter filter
Find search tool find
finish complete the modification
finish modification (for render only) modification
Adaptive set full of fit (for preview, full of ups or drawings)
fit fit fit points points points
flag flag flag
Flat Shaded, Edges on the border with flat shading
flat-shaded (flat) shading
floating viewports, as I float as the port float
covered with a large number of flood
Flyout Properties dialog box pop-up characteristics of the nature of icon columns
fog fog fog
folding crease fold
Follow follow the automatic visual plane
font font font
font map file font font mapping file mapping file
forming the shape of form tolerance tolerance tolerance
formatting text set text format to format text
frame frame frame
frame frame frame
frame frame frame
free-form free-form (of) free-form
freehand line drawing lines freehand sketches
Freeplotting free drawing free drawing
freeze freeze freeze
frozen freeze freezing layers layers layers
From self-self
Front Clipping On cut open prior to the
front view front view before visual
Full Preview Preview full preview of all the viewport


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ICANN set up a new working group to speed up the process of international domain names

November 3, according to foreign reports, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on Friday (November 2) to speed up other languages formed a working group address assignment. ICANN's approval of this decision early next year towards the goal of international domain step.

This working group will focus on specific countries, the domain name "fast track" mechanism, such as the equivalent of the Chinese domain name ". Cn" suffix of the Chinese characters.

ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf to participate in as the last meeting that the introduction of internationalized domain name is absolutely the most important changes in the field of history. This matter with a number of years to reach a consensus and believe that we understand how to do that.

Last month, ICANN began testing on this domain name suffix. However, policy research or preliminary. The organization needs to address the issue of how to allocate this domain name, and resolve any conflicts and complaints. For example, China's ". Cn" Web site operators should be automatically authorized for the Chinese version of the ". Com"? If China Taiwan region ". Tw" or a private company competing institutions such as the right to request should be handled?

These problems may take years to resolve. Therefore, ICANN is considering a country-specific domain name may be applicable to interim measures. The Working Group's mandate is to study how to develop this procedure. The Working Group also in New Delhi in February next year, meeting in a timely manner to provide a status report to the ICANN.

Currently, ICANN recognized under the International Standards Organization list of national and regional distribution of the English domain. ICANN for other languages to find a corresponding list or other procedures, this working group should also solve the problem of many official Yu Yan's country domains how to deal with the problem.

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IDS rules to establish (1)

IDS to effectively capture the intrusion, the invasion must have a strong database features, which, as the public security department must have a sound information base as offenders. However, IDS signature database are usually carried by relatively rigid, experience "Changing Faces" to the invasion, which often meet, strangers. Therefore, administrators need to learn how to create to meet the actual needs of the feature data model, so that changing the status quo! This article will feature the concept of invasion, species and how to create features introduced in the hope to help readers master the deal as soon as possible "change of face" approach.

1, characteristic (signature) of the basic concepts

The features of IDS is the kind of information that used to distinguish a model for data communications, usually divided into multiple, the following are some typical situations and Recognition:

Reserved IP address from the connection attempt: can check the IP header (IP header) to easily identify the source address.

Joint property with illegal TCP flag packets: TCP header by comparing the marks set with known joint property right and wrong tags to identify the differences.
Special virus containing information Email: Email by comparing each to the theme of information and pathological information to identify the subject of Email, or by searching the vicinity of a specific name to identify.
Query load attempt buffer overflow in the DNS: DNS domain through analysis and examination of the length of each field to identify the use of DNS domain buffer overflow attempt. There is another identification method are: the load in the search for "shell code to use" (exploit shellcode) the sequence of code combinations.
POP3 server by issuing the same command which led to thousands of DoS attacks: by tracking the records of the number of times a command sent straight to see if more than the preset limit, and alarm information.
Not registered to use files and directories under the command of the FTP server, file access attacks: by creating a model with status tracking feature to monitor the success of the FTP login dialog, found in non-verification is an order of intrusion attempts.

Can be seen from the above categories cover a wide range of features, a simple header field value, highly complex connection state tracking, with the extended protocol analysis. Leaf can Zhiqiu, this article will start with the simplest features, discussed in detail the function and development, customized approach.

Also note: different products have the features of IDS functions also vary. For example: Some network IDS system only allows very little data to customize existing features or characteristics of the preparation of necessary data, while others allow a wide range of customization features of the data or writing, or even a feature can be arbitrary; Some IDS systems only can check the headers, or to determine the load value, while others can get anywhere on any packet data.

Second, feature do?

This seems to be an answer to the obvious question: is characterized by detecting suspicious packet content is really "not necessary" as a model, or "bad elements cloning." IDS system itself with this important part of why the need to customize or write in simple terms? Is this: Perhaps you often see some familiar communications wandering on the network information flow, due to the characteristics of IDS database system expired or the communication of information is in itself not to attack or detect data, IDS system does not concern them, and then Your curiosity rises again to the data in these suspicious when issued by the police, want to capture them, look at them in the end where it comes from, what your dry, so the only way is to customize existing features of the database some configuration or the preparation of the new features of the data.

Degree of customization features can be rough or writing may be fine, depends entirely on the actual demand. Or occurred only to determine whether the abnormal behavior was not sure what the specific attack name, saving resources and time; or determine the specific means of attack or vulnerabilities use patterns, in order to gain more information. I feel that the former applies to leaders, who need specific things to use, plus micro-macro, the enemy should not even think stroll in! -

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Photoimpact6 one big impression on the text easy to do special effects (2)

In these styles on the right-click pop-up menu, select Modify properties and apply ... (change attributes) option can be set around the style associated, showing Photoimapct6 premise in facilitating the application of the use or the left are certain degrees of freedom.

Figure 3

Carried out on the Bend18 appropriate settings as shown above, after completing the settings, click the OK button. Can be found after the selected text has been used on around the style of this round.

To find Easypalette Panel Type Gallery (font library), select the Fire (flame) results, here are the seven kinds of style flame effect.

Figure 4

In effect, each flame right-click could be the same Modify properties and apply ... (change attributes) option, select the option to further effect on the flame settings. Including the flame within the flame can, in the flame and the outer flame color settings, but also through Strength (strength) option to set the intensity of the flame.

Figure 5

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Heat wave of M & A Mystery of false door

Spring in March, with infinite vitality of spring illuminated green earth. Believe in the "at the spring" of the country people began to plan new. As China's capital market, the most active elements, listed companies will not naturally idle, have thrown out long-awaited heavyweight M & bombs, bombardment with investors fragile mind.

Let's look at recent press coverage of the liquor industry in it. In the international wine giant Diageo Holdings Shuijingfang Earlier this month, after the dust has settled, has always been a "civil war expert, outside the war lay" in the domestic liquor industry, the door finally felt at home, face to face direct threats from the wine. While this threat has yet to affect the domestic liquor industry, a good day, but rainy day, or once the domestic liquor industry responded. Yang shares (002,304) 11 announcement that the company intended to bid for Equity Exchange by Jiangsu Province, Feng Suqian State Assets Management Co., Ltd. held Shuang'gou Wine Company Limited 4465.83 million shares, the total equity of about 40.6%. Reference price of 536 million yuan listed.

Shuang'gou wine is well-known liquor brands in Jiangsu Province. Information, the registered capital of 110 million yuan Shuang'gou wine, the total assets of 960,394,900 yuan, net assets of 409,612,900 yuan; in 2009 Main business income of 1,465,849,100 yuan, total profit of 234,122,200 yuan, net profit of 169,659,700 yuan. Property Exchange for the acquisition through equity Shuang'gou things wine, stock, said Yang, Shuang'gou wine equivalent of the company's 2009 revenue of 36.6%; the company's total profit is equivalent to 13.99%. The listing transfer reference price equal to net assets of 10.56%. If successful the transferee Shuang'gou equity, will help the company to further strengthen and expand the main liquor industry, enhance the company's core competitiveness. Share This time position Yanghe only half of the deal say the reason, in fact, shares and Shuang'gou Yang wine are controlled by the SASAC Suqian state-owned enterprises. Therefore not difficult to imagine that behind the scenes to promote the acquisition of this stake in the hands of the national capital is the local management, use of the listed shares platform Yang, bigger through mergers and acquisitions of local liquor industry for the upcoming "big fish fish, fast fish eat slow fish "in the domestic liquor industry, market competition, the first to occupy a favorable position, as soon as bigger and stronger, so that shares in the liquor industry Yang invincible.

Equity holding by acquisition of shares or shares not only such as small plates of Yang company, not listed in the domestic securities market, but corporate profits has been the country's central rate of the first "big daddy" China Mobile is also unable to control themselves lonely last shot the. In last week's meeting of the "two sessions", although the move has made it clear that the high-level international panel to return with the intention of the domestic capital market, but after all the "far will not be forthcoming," or real good point. Consequently, investors this week to see such a stunning announcement. March 10, China Mobile issued a public notice, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Guangdong Mobile has signed a share subscription agreement. Under the agreement, Guangdong Mobile has agreed to 39.8 billion acquisition of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 2.208 billion new shares. After completion of the transaction, China Mobile will hold 20% stake in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to become the second largest shareholder. Agreement shows that the mobile subscription of shares by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Guangdong Mobile in cash upon delivery. The two sides also signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, intended for mobile financial and mobile e-commerce to cooperate, including through mobile payment services, mobile banking card business, mobile transfer services and other forms of mobile financial services and mobile commerce. According to the announcement, if the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to issue any new securities in the future, Guangdong Mobile is entitled to subscribe for the same amount of the subscription conditions at the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to maintain its 20% stake.

Dude, is the giant of giant of that can act, a shot is 39.8 billion yuan of the generous, thunder down the full market investors. For China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank This time the marriage market is also different opinions, there are promising, there are not promising. I do not intend to move on to judge shot Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is overwhelmed with non-, hand, from the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's announcement to see the point of them tricky. Because in the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Mobile's strategic cooperation memorandum with such a content, to be on the mobile financial and mobile e-commerce to cooperate. We know that our mobile phone market penetration has reached more than 50%, of which more than 70% market share in mobile control, which is also moving to become the central rate "ringleader" in the key. With the development of mobile communication technology, yet are new to the 3G phone will be 4G, 5G replaced by mobile phone business, and in 4G, 5G These new mobile phone business, mobile banking and mobile wallet may be the most important being an to that time, now filled in the wallet of the various people all kinds of bank cards, the purchase of electricity cards, supermarket shopping cards will be replaced by mobile phones, "one card in hand, traveled Shenzhou" ad would be "a machine in hand, traveled Divine, "which mobile value-added services bring huge business opportunities to become overwhelmed by China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank basis of marriage. Seen in this light, the move is no longer yearn to "Do not obsessed brother, only a legend," the lead in place, start descending to the earth floor, Ben's is the future of mobile phones and banks "combined."

Number of listed companies in the busy spring when depressed Sichuan Changhong is busy around the fire, is a recent travels among the people of Sichuan Changhong have Rangrang "false" incident had been temporarily come to an end, did not think it's the former employees Van Der are on March 9 on the sun in his blog a series of reported new evidence revealed 13 years ago, claiming to be the performance of Sichuan Changhong false, false evidence of sales income of 5.0 billion, the evidence has been accepted Securities Regulatory Bureau. "Posted on the blog now only a small part." Vanderbilt are in an interview that will follow about the recent National Tax Administration, IRS and the public security departments in Sichuan accept the situation, in the future there will be more information in the blog release. According to van der are saying, "Sichuan Changhong is not to plan to report the money, but to Sichuan Changhong to restore truth to the general investors."

Blog report by a former employee of Sichuan Changhong, which to be a new, led to more media and investors. In this regard, Changhong is concerned, although not to a positive response, Changhong spokesman Liu in an interview in the re-emphasized that the so-called "Sichuan Changhong inflated 5 billion yuan sales income" as a malicious libel, and that all company-wide response to information subject to notice. But imagine, as the evidence of these new blog's been made available through the network, Sichuan Changhong encountered from all sides will be greatly enhanced. Right and wrong, not to mention the incident and Sichuan Changhong Vanderbilt are rivalry among the staff blog of the report through the network to listed companies in dealing with staff personnel issues facing greater difficulties, especially for those who are likely to hold Some employees of the company trade secrets, if also, as at present, Sichuan Changhong "false door" that spread out through the blog, I am afraid some of the financial system vulnerabilities slightly weighed listed companies have to weigh up. However, this blog supervision for the protection of the interests of investors in the secondary market was really good.

M & M's busy, busy fighting a fire, under supervision of public investors, listed companies or less points to spend to play live, buried to make money for investors is down to business.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good opening to sell more with less

Salesman talking with potential customers is required before the appropriate opening. Opening is good or bad, almost a visit to determine the success or failure, in other words, a good opening, that is half the success salesmen. Creative marketing expert used the following opening statement.

1. To make money or save money for the topic

Almost all of the people are interested in money, save money and make money easily lead to customer interest. Such as:

"Zhang, I'll tell you to save half of your electricity bill method."

"King director, our machines than your current machine speed, low power consumption, more accurate, can reduce your cost of production."

"Chen Director, would you like an annual production in the towel and save up to 5 millions of dollars?"

2. Starting from the praise

Everyone likes to hear a good listener, customers are no exception. Therefore, the praise has become a good way to approach customers.

Praise be to find another client may have been overlooked feature, so that your words are sincere. Compliment if sincere, would be flattering, this effect is not good.

Difficult than flattering praise, it must first be thought, not only must have sincerity, but also to select the set goals.

"Wang, your house is beautiful." It sounds like flattery. "Wang, the hall of your house are designed to be really unique." This sentence is in the praise.

Here are two examples of praise of customers opening.

"Forest Management, I listened to China and the United States General Zhang said garment factory, to do business with you most happy enough. He praised that you are an enthusiastic, straightforward people."

"Congratulations, you ah! General Lee, I just saw your message the newspapers, congratulate you on your election as the Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs."

3. Use of curiosity

Modern psychology shows that curiosity is one of the basic motives of human behavior. Professor Liu Anyan said, "Exploration and curiosity, it seems that the general human nature, the mysterious, secret things, are often concerned about the attention we are familiar with the object." Customers who are not familiar with, understand, do not know, or something different, often unnoticed, salesman can use to arouse curiosity to all, the attention of customers.

A salesman to the customer, said: "Lao Li, the world's most lazy you know what is?" Confused customers, but also very curious. The salesman continued, "is that you do not hide the money. They could have been used to purchase air conditioning, so you enjoy a cool summer."

Customers of a carpet salesman, said: "Every day spent only six hours a hair can make your bedroom carpeted." Customers have been surprised, salesman, said: "Your bedroom 12 square meters, our factory price of each carpet square meters of 24.8 yuan, so be 297.6 yuan. I can be paved with a carpet factory 5 years, 365 days a year, so the cost per day is only a corner six minutes. "

Salesman create mysterious atmosphere, causing the other's curiosity, then, in answering questions, the techniques to introduce the product to the customer.

4. Referred to the relevant third party and customer

Tell the customer, is a third party (customer's relatives and friends) want you to come to him. This is a devious tactic, because every person has "no face to see the Buddha Monk" mentality, so most people are introduced to family and friends are very polite salesman. For instance: "Ho, your friends asked me to come to you Mr. Zhang Anping, he thought you might be interested in our printing machinery, because these products bring many benefits to his company and convenience."

Name of someone else's flag to promote their own methods, although very useful, but bearing in mind that there must be man and his deeds, not likely to fabricate their own, otherwise, the customer once the check up, we should step ahead of pursuit of the.

In order to gain the trust of customers, if recommenders produce business cards or letter of introduction, better results.

5. Cite a famous example of a company or person

People's buying behavior is often affected by other people, salespeople can seize this psychological customers, make good use of, will receive very good results.

"Lee Director, 脳 脳 adopted the company's counterfeit our proposal, the company's business conditions improved significantly."

Give well-known company or person, for example, can be strong momentum of its own, especially if the example is precisely the nature of the customer respect or the same business, the effect is even more significantly.

6. Customers are most concerned about proposed

Salesman questions directly to the customer, using questions to cause the customer's attention and interest. Such as:

"Zhang factory director, do you think affect your factory product quality factors is that?" Product quality is of course one of the greatest concern manager, salesman was such a question no doubt will lead gradually into each other's interviews.

Should pay attention to the use of this technique, a salesman's question, should be most concerned about other issues, questions must be clear and specific, must not speech unclear, ambiguous, or difficult to arouse the attention of customers.

7. Providing information to customers

Salesman to the customer to provide some helpful information to customers, such as market conditions, new technology and product knowledge will lead to customer's attention. This requires the salesperson to the customer's position to stand on, for the sake of customers, as far as possible to read newspapers and market information to enrich their knowledge, has trained himself to become experts in the industry. Customers may just go on the salesman, but the experts are very respected. If the customer said: "I saw such and such publication of a new invention, that is useful to your plant."

Salespeople to provide customers with information, care of the customer's interests, but also gained the respect of customers and goodwill.

8. Cultural Show

Salesmen use of dramatic action to demonstrate the features of the product, can cause the most customer attention.

Supplies salesman, a fire after seeing customers, not in a hurry to speak, but from the bag and took out a fire suit, to mount a large paper bag, paper bag immediately lit a fire, burn bags, etc. after which the clothes are still intact. The dramatic performances, so that customers had a great interest. Sell High tie of the assistants said "This is a high-level ties Admiralty brand," which have little effect, however, if the tie is crumpled, and then easily leveled, said "This is a high-level ties Admiralty brand," people can stay the profound impression.

9. Use of products

Salesmen use to sell products to the customer's attention and arouse interest. Most important feature of this approach is to make products for self-introduction, with the charm of products to attract customers.

A director of township enterprises in Henan Province to plant new production design, exquisite workmanship of the shoes into the Zhengzhou Hualian desk manager, the manager can not help but eye-catching, asked: "Which production? How much a pair?" Case plant in Guangzhou to Shanghai to watch salesman to sell three plants, they prepared a product box, which put exquisitely, an array of new products into the box after the door opened suddenly attracted customers.

10. To ask customers

Salesman problem using the method to ask customers to lead to customer attention.

Some people become much always like guidance, education, others, or show themselves. Intends to find some salesmen do not understand the problem, or do not know understand installation advice to customers. Customers generally do not seek advice of the salesman refused to modest.濡傦細 鈥滅帇鎬伙紝鍦ㄨ绠楁満鏂归潰鎮ㄥ彲鏄笓瀹躲?杩欐槸鎴戝叕鍙哥爺鍒剁殑鏂板瀷鐢佃剳锛岃鎮ㄦ寚瀵硷紝鍦ㄨ璁℃柟闈㈣繕瀛樺湪浠?箞闂?鈥濆鏂瑰氨浼氭帴杩囩數鑴戣祫鏂欎俊鎵嬬炕缈伙紝涓?棪琚數鑴戝厛杩涚殑鎶?湳鎬ц兘鎵?惛寮曪紝鎺ㄩ攢渚垮ぇ鍔熷憡鎴愩?


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Nobunaga's Ambition 13 Heaven," the enemy in depth and around point reinforcements, waste Chaim

Open file for 55 years, the country for, with Ida home, take the Qing state and fog Hill Imperial Palace, the above is a tiger at home, occupying Inaba Hill, a small valley and the Goddess of Mercy Temple

As played in front of an eastward, almost into the last tiger, jj, Imagawa, devil, three good unbeatable package of fence, the first Tiger first thought can kill it?

Compare the strength, I tube wells viper alliance Kiriyama Gosho worry, but there is also transported 8,000 troops short period of time not in the past

Qing Shan state and Inaba have 11,000 soldiers, but the tiger temple a small valley and do backup, and Miyoshi family alliance, but also a pain in the Friends of the masses to help the country, apparently to take no less than open file Siege.

How do?

First, open files internal affairs articles

Talents, Ida home early all the political people, President Wu garbage extreme, there is a Father's anti-intellectual, but it also is water, only enough light will still command 55 cases of small benign towards River.

And Tiger go to war simply die ah!

However, Cheongju three: Hojo's Gang, Core Lay and the Department of Mataemon is simply disregard for my family and Ida born!

Hojo short board to fill the command to the neglect department can quickly build, Core lay? This account, easier addition to high intelligence and the ugly, the other indicators in the marital home last first!! (What? But there are still a force lower than him! did not even pay attention)

OMG! This time he brought me a pleasant surprise! Anyway, he nothing to do, dig a bit to open files really cattle his father, even out of loyalty, but also dug two directly out over it!

Of course, with real cattle to the ~ ~ ~ ~ there, and I am the same age as Sun unborn eyed lobster!

Then transferred to a fog Hill Imperial Palace, even dug over again and light show of GG!

With these people, exterminate Takeda Me and!

Open files from the road, not to mention rich

Minister indiscriminately as miners, road construction is fast, as soon as possible get through the fog Hill Gosho leading the way is the only proper Cheongju ah!

Second, the pre-war harassment articles

The following year in April, basically completed internal affairs, hastened to take advantage of the computer within one year of the characteristics of deployed troops do not hit people ah!

So I show the small Liang Chuanzong article and Sanada, led the North to bring the Qing Shan State Army Inaba bound. At this point also to the army of the mountain fog Cheongju transit

Followed by road works in disregard of the Department of bridge-building road

The first disturbance was very successful, the North carried the article, Koyanagawa behind archery.

Naito beats off, wipe out the Shuaidui to aid the tiger and other small armed forces, soldiers are not the tiger cow waste ah! 2000 Zabing 1w in my army will destroy them.

Here is the point of reinforcements around the classical approach, map the location of primary and secondary beams River just cardholders the route of the enemy reinforcements, the city that beat Naito run, but is obsessed with reinforcements from the road into the city to

Nature is easy to kill.

The Friends of the public to aid the country, experience in the field is equivalent to send to fight for it!

After this incident, Tiger battered around the mountain town Inaba was I snapped. I did not miss much.

At this time our army's strategic objectives are achieved, safely back to the city. Leave the territory of the enemy line and a defense of my business-cho (Pan is made of money).

Then in July, went to Huang in a circle, extinguish small unit, representing the next was again robbed the tiger back town. Then leave a line and (the line and I almost bad event, this place would have to leave a pan, and unfortunately not enough money)

Mitsuhide GG did not participate in military action, has been farming at home, military recruitment, or the modern discovery of each 3000 +. . . The role of Sanada's not much, I mainly put the iron wall.

3, Mountain Fortress Inaba, a hair's breadth between victory or defeat

After two harassment, Tiger Mountain is only 7,000 soldiers Inaba, Odani Castle about 3000

At this time, my Cheongju stationed themselves 2w, Cheongju also searched my main go-getters - into the soil hold pro!

Walking handsome, four-dimensional average, but the A's Marines fitness and gun 3 stunt men that he flew into my top go-getters! Unfortunately, like the money to build the temple, the book does not get started adaptive, can not into an S .

Then in November, in the new round of recruitment is open, I 10006 1 000 troops of launching a. Tiger's performance anomaly tenacious, personally took command of resistance rice Hayama, I beat back his small unit, the successful Siege.

As the policy mistakes, had brought a 5 person team, led troops dispersed after the troops already Siege inadequate rail was replaced with the array value, Core strength lay down very quickly, morale is only 50.

But this time, the National Friends of the congregation also sent a wave of 3,000 soldiers come to assist. So I rushed to the line and sent the seat of disregard for the Department of delay.

Friends finally in the country before the public to the next town around the city and capture the tiger under a large number of fervent opponent.

4, storm Odani Castle to win over significant power

After the cultivation of rice leaf mountain won two of months, so the morale of return over the same time, transferred from Cheongju thousands of soldiers in the past

As the tiger and Miyoshi are allies, the battle is very dangerous, so the whole army of launching the only mountain in the rice leaf left a soldier defense, anyway, city defense to 0, the above Shimadzu cherry hole would stay home to play the same number of

In April to the neglect rate of 300 engineering department Mataemon bound Odani Castle site, created a pan

Tiger used to play by my 1.7w army banishes.

Into the small valley community, Miyoshi family even sent troops to aid 1.1w, the National Friends of the congregation had sent out a 3k, this time the enemy was more than the total strength 2w

Situation is very ominous, but this time a look of surprise, Miyoshi family led Nuthin Araki Murashige, a brother to stroke it!-Break!

First go to the Friends of the village before the country split-pan, and encountered the resistance of the tiger and the state-owned Village, Pan ringing off the hook after the Tigers back to the city, and country Friends of the congregation were destroyed in the short term does not bother me.

Then head to the temple in the city on the road went up to the Araki Murashige team, can not let him on the city wall and the tiger convergence.

Playing for a moment, both sides suffered heavy losses, a win over Onodera Fai Road, continue, military counter-balance.

Araki brother threw down three with carrying a gun 2, a voice shouted birds, estimates that "the mountains do not change often green water flow" of the class, turned Paolu the.

I quickly taking the time to account for the state under the next village, the family flew sent to the alliance, and sent troops to attack Odani Castle dependent.

And then exterminate the temple town to the 2k reinforcements, turned around and faced a large force of the original Tiger Yin, surprise, a win over continues, this man has Paolu back to the city.

Then the simple, white 6000 no state-owned Village Fire Attack burn the city is still very fierce in the. As the lack of morale at this time, the city had to be ringing off the hook.

Saying that a small hill surrounded Gokseong very slow, the loss too.

5, win over temple, tiger litter capture

After winning Odani Castle, on the left temple of a city 2k soldiers, and morale, after full

3000 employees of state-owned Village 3k soldiers burst directly with the city, the city did not dare Wai temple, surrounded very slowly, if reinforcements came home Miyoshi cry ~

Direct save over fighting, iron hold soil behind the wall into three shot three relatives, friends of both State Fire Attack, the city would burst.

Exterminate Takeda, then dead city, a cherry-hole Shimadzu revenue, you can peace of mind till the land, until the lobster and one eye per fu, to the time the cavalry + Dragoon, sweeping the world!

Following the side when attached to destroy Takeda generals

But it is worth mentioning that Onodera Fai Road and the soil became even holding off the pro into Takeda's main go-getters, will open before the exile of a small good will towards, and Sichuan were actually father and son were in the pre-show, featuring also the main force.

Hojo is the key figure no doubt, do not know if there is no section headed north, straight in good spirits, led by Court of waste wood they have similar performance, since we can try it. . .

Heaven can be seen inside the human ability to time point all right, but the fitness and skills must be cow fork!

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